AI and Machine Learning

Areas of Research and Development in Machine Learning

We encourage Coherent Solutions’ teams to drive innovations to our company projects, in-house operations, and workflow. The areas of research and development in AI and Machine Learning include but not limited to image processing, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Our company’s engineers research real-time and offline image and video processing technologies. They’ve tried and tested many tech aspects, ranging from vulnerability detection to sports tracking and intelligent object monitoring. Employing our innovations and best practices, we encourage them to develop smart ML solutions that automate sophisticated decision-making processes based on pictures and videos. In the R&D labs, our engineers innovate technologies and design systems for:

  • Face recognition
  • Object detection and extraction
  • Object tracking
  • Face swap
  • Biometric identification

Natural Language Processing

Coherent Solutions’ machine learning experts conduct innovation-driven research to build software for detecting the nuances of unstructured human speech, be it oral or written. Thanks to our R&D approach, they can find new perspectives for ML-based app development. We aim our labs’ projects to find solutions for:

  • Scoring search results
  • Recommendation engines
  • Sales forecasting
  • Churn prediction
  • Checking source code for vulnerabilities
  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Speech-to-text conversion
  • Custom search engines

How Do Industries Leverage Machine Learning?


  • Personalized digital consultation and treatment
  • Robotics in surgery training and assessment
  • Hassle-free data maintenance
  • Effective disease prediction, identification, and diagnosis
  • ML integration in drug discovery and manufacturing


  • Schedule optimization
  • Simplified learning processes
  • Virtual mentoring and training
  • Personal learning environment
  • Smart content creation


  • 360-degree view of customer needs
  • Predictive intelligence-based content creation
  • Accurate market and sales forecasting
  • Data-driven, optimized marketing campaigns
  • Better insights to improve positioning
  • Reduction in customer churn rate
  • Smarter point-of-sale systems
  • Reduction of marketing costs for better ROI


  • Retargeting of potential customers
  • Chatbot and virtual assistant integration
  • Customized shopping experience
  • Filtration of fake reviews
  • Automation of sales processes
  • Product search improvement

Our Innovation Strategy in AI and ML Projects

Data Mining

Coherent Solutions’ team researches our client’s business and prepares data sets for creating ML models using data mining techniques. By performing classification and sequence analysis with programming tools, our data scientists extract information from a large pool of raw data and prepare quality data for ML model training algorithms.

Modeling and Training

We create and research optimal machine learning models for AI software development. We can use trained deep-learning models or build custom models.

Combining our knowledge of mathematics and algorithms with the R&D approach, we try and test frameworks for the core ML problems to architect ML models capable of producing predictions for efficient decision-making. Coherent Solutions’ team evaluates how the selected models fulfill the expected business tasks by training the ML models on cloud solutions like Amazon SageMaker or in-house equipment until the result meets the expectations.

Consulting and Tuning

We focus our consulting and tuning process on ML solution optimization and ML algorithm selection. We carefully analyze the challenges our clients face and advise on the most efficient optimization mode for the ML model tuning.

We also research on optimal strategies throughout ML software development projects. Our data science and machine learning teams design possible patterns, recommend tech stacks, make architecture assessments, and consult on other aspects to bring innovations to AI projects.

Building and Implementation

Coherent Solutions’ team thoroughly investigates the process of the machine learning model implementation to build state-of-the-art AI solutions and integrate them into enterprise software products.

We apply the R&D approach at every operation related to building, training, and deploying a machine learning model, using Amazon SageMaker or Microsoft Azure ML. Our machine learning developers prepare the data in addition to training and deploying the model. We ensure high-precision performance by testing the model in production settings, measuring its accuracy, fixing errors, and improving it continuously

Deployment and Hosting

The deployment and hosting process, from creating the model on the platform to continuous testing of the model, is an integral part of Coherent Solutions’ ML research and development process. Our software engineers and data scientists investigate and control every aspect of the ML model when deploying it to the cloud. We wrap ML model’s source code into a separate container by deploying the ML model as a web service using popular platforms like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

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