Areas of Research and Development in Blockchain

Public Blockchain-Based Solutions

Coherent Solutions’ R&D labs are an excellent place for building decentralized public blockchain solutions for cryptocurrency, voting, social networking, etc.
Our software engineers research public blockchains to develop trustworthy solutions that prevent data compromising. Our teams master their skills in our labs and create public blockchain-based solutions on Ethereum, Graphene, or EOS.IO.

Smart Contracts

Coherent Solutions’ developers drive innovations to maximize the efficiency of businesses by smart contracts that guarantee secure transactions and agreements to be carried out with no third-party involvement. Our labs’ researches reduce errors, risks, and costs by developing highly safe and reliable DApps.

Cryptographic Protocols and Algorithms

Coherent Solutions’ team analyzes popular cryptographic protocols and algorithms and conducts in-house research to integrate them into our clients’ blockchain solutions.
Our team’s research and development process is focused on, but not limited to the following protocols and algorithms:

  • Zero-knowledge proof
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Self-sovereign identity approach
  • Homomorphic encryption
  • Secure multi-party computation

Private Blockchain-Based Solutions

In Coherent Solutions’ R&D labs, our engineers are engaged in the research and development of private blockchain-based solutions for enterprises based on Hyperledger, Corda, and Quorum platforms. The innovations aim to create efficient and reliable tools for storing and sharing information with authority over the network. Our engineers focus on finding a secure and stable blockchain-based solution that will combine the high efficiency of blockchain technology and the highest level of privacy.

Blockchain Network Infrastructure

At Coherent Solutions, our engineers are welcome to conduct research integrating a blockchain network into enterprise infrastructure. Innovating new ways and technologies in the labs, our blockchain developers implement their achievements in our customers’ projects. Our blockchain network infrastructure research and development processes usually include:

  • Blockchain network integration and migration
  • Blockchain network testing and monitoring
  • Automation of deployment processes

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets

In Coherent Solutions’ R&D labs, our team drives innovations to build reliable centralized and decentralized solutions to enable cryptocurrency exchanges. Our professionals’ focus is also creating secure digital wallets for various cryptocurrencies, providing substantial protection against hacks and thefts.

How Do Industries Leverage Blockchain?

Banking and Finance
  • Instant payment settlements
  • Reduced counterparty risks
  • Asset provenance and full transaction history
  • Streamlined operational processes
  • Reduced transaction and maintenance costs
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Increased transparency for stakeholders
  • Drug traceability
  • Proof-of-existence for clinical trials
  • Secure patient data management
  • Automation of selling processes
  • Fraud detection
  • Real-time freight capacity monitoring
  • Transparent supply chain management
  • Courier cost reduction
  • Identity theft protection
  • Storing identity data in an encrypted digital hub
  • Improved control of access to digital data
Real Estate
  • Improved rental property payments
  • Secure transaction database
  • Reduction of inspection costs and property taxes
  • Boosting real estate transactions

Our Innovation Strategy in Blockchain Projects

Blockchain Consulting

Coherent Solutions’ blockchain engineers provide professional consultations on how to integrate blockchain technology into business. Our blockchain development team helps our clients choose the best-suited blockchain platform and recommends a tech stack and network infrastructure to maximize their business productivity.

DApp Development

In our labs, we test and build scalable and reliable decentralized apps based on public blockchains. Our R&D approach covers a full spectrum of DApp development options, ranging from consulting on DApp implementation to DApp maintenance. The DApp research and building processes include:

  • Creating DApp concept and architecture
  • Blockchain part development and testing
  • Employing cryptography best practices
  • Dapp deployment
  • Dapp integration with other technologies
  • Designing user-friendly interfaces

Enterprise Blockchain Development and Support

Blockchain integration on an enterprise-level brings lots of benefits, including scalability, security, and cost reduction. As a blockchain development company, Coherent Solutions researches how to turn business ideas into top-notch enterprise blockchain solutions that boost clients’ businesses’ productivity.
Combined with our R&D approach and in-depth understanding of blockchain technology, our team can develop a blockchain solution from scratch. To fulfill it, we try and test at every stage, ranging from designing consensus algorithms, architecture, and applying cryptography best practices to after-launch support and maintenance.

Cryptography and Security Consulting

Blockchain cryptography is complex, and many businesses often neglect security while in a hurry to bring new solutions to the market. Coherent Solutions’ research and building processes are focused on helping our clients enhance their blockchain systems’ safety.
Our cryptography and blockchain development experts conduct security audits of our customers’ latest solutions to uncover hidden vulnerabilities. To give our customers peace of mind, we provide security audits, crypto-analysis, and ensure the solutions’ security by designing reliable blockchain architecture and applying cryptography best practices before the product’s release to the market.

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