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How was the first year of Coherent Solutions in Lithuania?

December 17, 2021

Exactly 365 days ago Coherent Solutions/ISsoft opened a development center in Vilnius. A lot of important events have happened in the life of the team within this year. Today, on the birthday of the Lithuanian office, we invite you to take a look at the most significant of them and find out how the first year of work in the new IT market turned out for them.

Company is people: who works in the Lithuanian office today?

2020 proved to be a difficult year for the whole world, but for our corporation it became a period of active international growth. The new development center in Vilnius has appeared in an already quite competitive market, where both local companies and global corporations have been successfully working for years. Nevertheless, the appearance of Coherent Solutions has managed to attract the attention of talented specialists.

By the end of the year, there were already more than 50 people. Among them are both local employees and those who moved from other offices of the company and accepted this challenge: to create a new team and its reputation at the local level from scratch, translating the values and priorities that have been developing within 17 years of work. Certainly, all of that has become the strength of the Lithuanian development center.


Lina Siumete, General Manager:

— Our team in Vilnius is very diverse. We have people who have been with the company for 15+ years and we have people that are still in our Training Center learning their first steps in technology and organization. So, our strength is a combination of know-how and deep expertise, coupled with the fresh ideas and diverse experiences. Looking back to the past year, I am very proud to see how much we achieved. We established the new entity, that grew to 50 people during less than 12 months, we have created partnerships with the local education representatives and institutions, launched our external communication and were very socially active.

Definitely, there is something to remember from this period. As the head of the office admits, it feels like this year the team has implemented what others take about 3 years to do. Thanks to a clear focus and great efforts, Coherent Solutions has already been noticed in the Lithuanian information technology market, and this is just the beginning.

What steps have led to such results? One of the most important decisions was participation in the Vilnius Coding School career fair, an educational organization that trains future developers. Here our team was able to personally meet with applicants and in their own words, without officialdom and clerical, tell about the strengths of the company and the opportunities that its future employees will have. In just 1 day, they received 110 contacts – and many of those who picked up the phone have already joined the work or internship at the Training Center.

By the way: right now, training for 22 future engineers is continuing in the .NET department, who have been selected for the first Development School in Lithuania – for a free training program that allows us to meet talented, but still inexperienced engineers, and assist them in their first career steps.

Beyond work: the team members common ground

As you can see, the team is growing by leaps and bounds – and it is extremely important that this pace does not prevent each of the employees from feeling a part of it, understanding and accepting the company’s values. They are dispersed in different cities, work from Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda – and, despite this, they got many opportunities to see each other in person and feel involved in a great whole: this year the team has been leading an active social life.

There were a ton of memorable events: the first corporate party, when the team together with their families got out into the fresh air and organized karting competitions, kayaking, and a tour of the capital for its new residents among employees, and several events for children…

An equally important milestone was the arrival of the Online Run charity project in Lithuania, which later transformed into the Online Sport Initiative. According to its rules, each employee can share his sports result – jogging, swimming or cycling – and the company converts kilometers into amounts of financial assistance for those in need.

Every 3 months, efforts are directed to a new charitable foundation in one of the locations where ISsoft or Coherent Solutions has an office today. Last quarter, Lithuania hosted the project: a record $1,900 was donated for the Childhood Cancer Fund Rugutė, located in Vilnius. According to the local team, even before the start of the initiative, they discussed options for this organization and were interested in its fate – therefore, they went to visit the fund personally to hand over a symbolic check and learn more about what can be done for the organization.

What does the Lithuanian team wish for the new year?

There is no place like home: this year the team from Vilnius spent in a coworking, but soon they will move to their own office, where the final preparations are taking place. Of course, the office will continue to work in hybrid mode: part of the team will be able to stay remotely for reasons of both safety and convenience – this helps some employees maintain work-life balance.

Nevertheless, according to the management, the social aspect of the work is important for the other part of the team, and live meetings will continue to be initiated and encouraged – in order to create a team spirit and a sense of belonging to the community in Lithuania. The company’s priority is to help each employee be productive and combine the needs of people and business in the best combination.

And this is far from the only goal for the coming year: the Lithuanian development center plans to continue gaining momentum.


Lina Siumete, General Manager:

— We exceeded the expectations on the growth in Lithuania, comparing to initial plans, but deep down I was hoping that we will come to the numbers we grew to. So now we are setting up new stretching targets for the next year and we are hoping that clients‘ demand will support our ambition. We are moving into our permanent office very soon and we have the plans for the coming year to set up some traditions and activities, that would help our employees, who are mainly working remotely to connect with their colleagues and socialize. Also, we will be working to build sustainable teams and increase the project competence, so we can make sure we provide the high-level service as our clients are used to.

The ISsoft and Coherent Solutions team congratulates colleagues from Lithuania on such a successful completion of the 1st year of work! There is no doubt that the development center in Vilnius will continue to grow actively and attract the attention of new talented specialists who will help bring the global company to a whole new level. We wish you the best of luck in realization of all your ideas and plans: both personal and shared – united by the goals set by the whole company and a sense of belonging to it.