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Is combining two jobs real or utopian?

July 17, 2021

Can you combine two jobs? What about combining two roles in one company? We want to tell you about our colleagues that combine two roles at Coherent Solutions. They’ll share their experience in the article below.


Marina Titova, QA engineer and English teacher

Initially, I joined Coherent Solutions as a part-time English teacher. I was studying at university, and, like any student, I was happy to get a part-time job. I liked the company’s friendly people and cozy atmosphere. After graduating from university, I was looking for a full-time job. ISsoft was the place where I wanted to stay, and I got the job offer. There was no testing training, but I was told about testing, and I decided to try my hand at testing. I was hired as a QA engineer, and I’ve been combining two positions in the company: an English teacher and a QA engineer.

Testing takes full time. I give English classes with my colleagues every day – in the morning before the working day, and once a week after work. Why do I need two jobs? Teaching is a joy to me because you communicate with people while mastering your English, too. It doesn’t take much time to prepare a lesson when you’ve been teaching for many years. Getting up early to give a class is not a problem for me. Besides, it boosts my energy for the whole day.

If I had to choose one position, I would probably prefer QA to English, but with great sadness. Testing is my main occupation. By the way, I’m also a Group manager in the company, so I combine even three roles here. Of course, I don’t do management tasks every day, but that’s also my job.

There have never been any difficulties with combining the two roles. I am used to working at such a pace, and I like it. By the way, my colleagues often visit my classes. It usually happens when new employees are hired for a project; we offer them English lessons, and then they find out that I’m their colleague and English teacher in one person. This fact makes our classes even more sincere, so I don’t mind.


Michael Sagalovich, Head of the QA Automation and DevOps Department

Before I was assigned as the Head of the QA Automation department, I worked as a .NET developer at Coherent Solutions. Initially, after I got new responsibilities, I had time to combine them with the project tasks. I could improve my tech expertise and develop the department and its team. I was doing that for about two years. As of the end-2018, I’m the Head of the DevOps Department. I agreed, but I had to stop working on the project. Of course, I help our employees solve technical tasks, but I am no longer engaged in development. Sometimes I feel sad about it.

The two departments are small; there are 140 employees. That’s why an eight-hour working day is enough for me. It’s worth saying that these two departments solve many tasks together, so it’s very convenient to combine these two positions. The people I communicate with every day are all different, but I don’t get tired of it.

Multitasking is a challenge you have to face while combining two roles; you have to switch between different tasks and solve them. Notes help me remember tasks; sometimes, I make them during meetings, and sometimes I just brainstorm ideas and write them down, and later I come back to them.

I wouldn’t be able to choose one position if I had to. For me, two roles aren’t two separate jobs. I would just have fewer tasks within the same department if I had to leave one position.

Now I work remotely, but sometimes I work from the office. It is more comfortable for me to work in the office because it is much easier to focus on work.  I prefer offline one-on-one meetings, but I can take notes looking at the screen during an online meeting.

When you have no deadlines, sometimes you just need to say to yourself “you must” and go to solve problems. So you start to work on something, achieve the result, and you enjoy doing it.


Natalia Rachkova, Office Manager and English Teacher

’ve been working at Coherent Solutions as an Office Manager for 13 years. I’ve been giving English classes, too. I dedicate all my working time to the Office Manager’s duties, and twice a week, I teach English to employees before the workday starts. I can’t say that it takes me a long time to prepare for an English lesson. I’m an experienced teacher, and it’s not difficult for me to check some tasks at home or prepare material for the next class. English is more of a hobby than a job for me.

I offered to teach English to our employees, working in Kozlov Lane’s office, when about eighty people were in the company. I’m a professional interpreter, and I also spent a lot of time in the UK. I like teaching because you communicate with people, especially when these people are your colleagues. We discuss all sorts of topics in our classes, and since there are more and more employees in the company, I am glad that I know my students well. Besides, the groups are updated, people improve their level, and new ones join us.

There are no difficulties for me in combining the two roles in the company. To get up an hour early a couple of times a week is easy. By the way, I’m not sure that all the employees attending my classes know that I am also an office manager most of the time. But I meet many people in the office all the time, and I think they guess that I am there for a reason.