Cloud Services and DevOps

DevOps as a Service

At Coherent Solutions, the DevOps services are included in software development by default from the initial stages of a product delivery lifecycle. Thanks to our DevOps expertise and solutions, we can automate testing, deploying, and releasing our clients’ software, significantly improving product quality and minimizing time to value.
Our DevOps engineers can architect an IT environment, develop a scalable cloud infrastructure, and automate a software delivery pipeline with ready-made automation frameworks. They also leverage custom scripting based on popular programming languages such as Ruby, Python, PowerShell, Bash, JavaScript, and others to ensure security and flexibility.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Coherent Solutions’ team assists our customers in planning, designing, deploying the cloud systems, including adapting the configuration management practices and release processes for cloud integration.

Our DevOps engineers also assess the infrastructure security and review the performance of infrastructure. We also provide recommendations on how to improve resilience or the system design and fix the underlying issues.

We don’t stop with bringing infrastructures to the cloud. Our cloud infrastructure management process also includes testing backups for recoverability and monitoring restore processes. Our engineering team can work with Level 1 technical support through system operations issues and escalating them to the development team to fix application defects. We can integrate with our clients’ existing support system or help them implement the support process from scratch.

Infrastructure as Code

With our knowledge and tech stack of DevOps solutions, we can implement infrastructure as code (IaC) to the project delivery pipeline to help our customers develop stable environments at scale. By avoiding manual configuration of environments, we can automate every routine administrative task and improve system performance, ensure safe and efficient change management, scalable virtual infrastructure, and better overall customer satisfaction.

Monitoring and Alerting

We believe the key to ongoing success and the health of a system is identifying trends early to prevent issues in the first place. So, we always monitor everything proactively to take action before a potential problem becomes an issue. Our DevOps engineers implement automated system monitoring and alerting components to provide full visibility into the health of software systems. We analyze the metrics collected and give not only alert notifications if some issues are detected, but detailed reports and improvements suggestions.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Coherent Solutions’ DevOps engineers design and implement continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) strategies for our clients’ software development projects. To enhance the existing build, integration, and testing processes in their companies, we choose appropriate tools and technologies for automation and assist them during every stage of the project delivery.

Configuration as Code

Coherent Solutions’ team of DevOps engineers help architect scalable and reliable IT environments for software. Applying the configuration as code (CAC) model, we avoid the need to manually configure and update system components to ensure fast, cost-effective, and risk-free delivery.

IT Infrastructure Audit for Cost Reduction Planning

Lower costs and better performance always justify migration to the cloud. As time passes and a cloud infrastructure becomes more complex, the associated costs can become enormous, and performance gains will start to diminish.
A non-partisan detailed IT infrastructure analysis that includes a report of any bugs or warning lights found and recommended fixes and upgrades can help. We aim our infrastructure audit services to reduce costs and optimize IT infrastructures. Our experts conduct an in-depth audit of our customers’ IT practices to identify disadvantages, underutilized assets, and recommend how to repurpose them to decrease overall costs.

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Monitoring and alerting

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