Quality Assurance

Full-cycle software testing

Whether our customers come to us with their current products or start the product development at our company, our QA team helps build trust with customers and improve the product’s quality. Offering quality assurance and testing services for 25+ years, we’ve gained the expertise to do it at scale.

QA Consulting

Quality Issues
Possible Solutions
Customized Action Plan
Implementation of Solutions

Coherent Solutions can help companies that have issues with the product quality or are unable to establish clear in-house QA activities. We successfully detect quality gaps and set up a strategy for optimizing the business processes to assure quality is achieved at each stage of SDLC.
The dedicated team of QA analysts assess our client’s project’s current status, identify quality issues, suggest possible solutions, and, once they are approved, implement them and supervise the process to prevent potential issues in the future.

QA Audit

Process Baseline Establishment
Quality Gaps
Software Process Improvements
Team Evaluation
Tools Assessment
Progress Monitoring Report

If our clients organize a new in-house QA department, test a new QA services provider, have quality drops in their products, exceed project timelines, or simply have no QA expertise, we can provide a QA audit.

We render complete quality assurance audit services that include a detailed analysis of QA architecture, QA process, QA team performance, and QA tools used on the client’s software development project. They get a comprehensive QA report performed by a team of experienced QA consultants who will examine their business starting from the first day of engagement.

Software testing services

Functional testing

Coherent Solutions’ functional testing team thoroughly tests our clients’ projects to examine whether it meets end users’ expectations and how it conforms to project specifications. We offer complex functional testing services that include user interface testing, smoke and system integration testing, business acceptance testing, data validation testing, regression testing, etc. Depending on the project requirements, we provide both manual and automated tests based on methodologies from Agile and Waterfall families.

Automated testing

At Coherent Solutions, automated software testing is frequent for long-term and large-scale projects, which allows our clients to reduce costs and improve product quality continuously during the delivery process. In cooperation with the development and DevOps teams, our experienced QA architects review the product’s SDLC, estimate the feasibility of test automation, and recommend the correct stage to implement automated testing.

Our teams automate a wide range of testing types, including cross-browser and cross-platform tests, UI, API and database tests, performance tests, integration tests, and smoke, regression, and sanity tests. We perform test scripts migration and other test automation activities as well.

Security testing

Gaps in the protection of customer data are becoming critical concerns for enterprises as security breaches can lead to loss of customer trust and legal repercussions. Coherent Solutions Lithuania’ security QA experts design and implement the software testing strategy that meets the OWASP ASVS security requirements. We carefully test our clients’ application for vulnerabilities and ensure that it meets security compliance requirements for authentication, session management, access control, 3, error handling, data protection, etc.

Usability testing

Through automated and manual methods, Coherent Solutions’ usability testing team provides a usability audit and end-to-end UX tests. Our engineers create flexible testing scripts during usability testing sessions to validate if the functionality of an application is compliant with the standards of mobile and web apps. We also test its performance under different conditions; these tests include menu bars, dialog boxes, tables, list boxes, checkboxes, buttons, etc. Using expert-based or user-based testing techniques, our experienced QA specialists test different aspects of solutions, like navigation and structure, workflows and scenarios, accessibility of content, etc.

Compatibility testing

Coherent Solutions’ QA experts possess deep knowledge and a significant technological base of virtual machines and real devices for full-cycle compatibility testing. An application will be 100% compatible with a wide range of operating systems, browsers, screen resolutions, databases, configurations, servers, hardware and firmware versions, and even differing internet speeds.

Accessibility testing

No matter who our clients’ users are, we help them deliver a scalable solution accessible for any type of user, including people with disabilities. Our specialists test if an application is compliant with accessibility standards such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We apply a human-driven approach to ensure that every user can easily access the website or mobile app and help improve the accessibility of each product.

Performance testing

Coherent Solutions’ QA team does performance testing during the early stages of development. Based on the software’s expected workload, we target the following key points while testing: speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, and scalability. Our performance testing services include load, volume, stability, stress, and scalability testing types.

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