UX and Design

UX/UI Services

Coherent Solutions’ UX engineers and UI designers help businesses improve product engagement and convert new ideas into tangible accomplishments. Keeping users’ needs at the center of the whole software development project, our UX and UI teams combine best practices with years of experience to define user-friendly functionality. The intuitive interfaces we create perfectly match customers’ business needs and exceed their expectations.

Research and Analysis

Having a comprehensive understanding of business is crucial for a product to succeed in the market. Coherent Solutions’ UX engineers help our clients identify users’ needs, and behavior in a structured, meaningful way for sound decision-making. Our specialists combine qualitative and quantitative research methods, including pools, focus-groups, and in-depth interviews. Tests and research validate selected designs.

UX & Usability Audit

Excellent user experience and usability are essential for any software product. With our user-centered approach, we examine IT solutions from all angles and evaluate the product’s usability by performing UX and usability audits. Coherent Solutions’ UX engineers provide the quality service, whether that involves making a customer journey map or suggesting user behavior solutions.

Ideation & Solution

Finding an actionable UX design solution can’t be completed without brainstorming as many ideas as possible. For this reason, our UX teams perform ideation sessions to help our clients in developing their business through IT solutions. Using modern ideation techniques, our UX specialists will suggest and validate product ideas to turn them into tangible product features.

UI Design

Crafting an intuitive UI design to engage more users and customers to the clients’ products is our top priority. At Coherent Solutions, we combine user insights with our best practices and standards to create an effective, user-friendly interface that fits the client’s domain and product functionality. We design solutions for various digital environments, including responsive and adaptive web design, desktop, iOS, and Android applications.

User Testing

User testing is an integral part of any UX and UI design process. It helps businesses validate ideas, identify usability issues, and ensure that a digital product meets users’ needs. Coherent Solutions’ team will create custom user testing scenarios, perform tests with real users engaged in the process, analyze the results, and suggest a set of improvements.

Tech Stack

Ample Design Experience

Our tech expertise and long-standing experience enable our UX and UI designers to craft a wide range of user interfaces for various business domains.

Enterprise applications
Websites and e-commerce solutions
Product design
Mobile apps
Data visualization solutions
AR/VR apps
Wearable solutions
IoT solutions

Design Thinking Approach

Design thinking is the way our UX /UI team works. It’s our approach to understanding users, redefining problems, and finding alternative solutions beyond obvious.

Empathize with your product audience
Define your audience's problems
Ideate all possible solutions to the problems
Prototype the ideas you've generated
Test your ideas for user feedback

Industries We Serve

For the past 25 years, we have been helping large enterprises and software providers reduce their software development costs and bring products and complex applications to market faster.










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